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Ben Ten Pornography Story: Gwen and ben have baby

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Gwen and ben have baby

As gwen was sleeping in her panties and size B bra ben came and started to jack off to his hot cousin. He was thinking of how tight her viregine pussy and ass were. After a while cum on his cousin’s back and ass. He carefully wipe the thick cum off het and clean up before she woke up. When ever one up and ready to fight aleins ben could not look at gwen without getting a boner. That he becided to try his again but ben didnt notice gwen was pretending to sleep. When she hear ben start to jack off she quickly grad his 12″ dick. Ben tired to run but gwen had hiim by the balls literly. Ben then begged not to tell grandpa. Gwen felt a power he started to And also began to get wet. It took ben a while to notice but for the first time ever both cousins were think the something. Ben push gwen on to tje bed and ripped her bra and soked pantiea. Ben quickly force his huge penise into his hot cousin pussy. Gwen sreamed in pain but that didnt stop ben. Iy took ben 30 min to cum inside his cousin’s pussy. They continu fuck each other until ben received notice that he wasgoimg to be daddy
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Ben 10 Porno Story: Ben and Gwen

Ben 10 Porno Story: Ben and Gwen

There once was a boy named ben tennyson. He had been given a magical device called the omnitrix that he had used to fend off the evils that threatened the universe. However he did use it for some personal motives a well . . .

One day Ben had made a bet with his, super hot cousin, gwen on whether or not he could drink 50 sodas and last 2 hours without going to the bathroom. Without considering the consequences if ben won Gwen aggreed. Oviously with this blank check ben won. Gwen had to oblige to bens desires so Ben whipped out his dick and gave it for her to suck dry. After that, Ben decided it was time for some pussy fucking. Apparently Gwen thought ben’s dick was small so he decided to go for a different hole. Just as he enter her asshole, he transformed into four arms who indeed had a massive cock which he used to rip apart her asshole. After that he went all alien-doggy style on her with wildmutt. Unfortunately gwen wasn’t having as much fun as Ben so Ben decided to turn into the fastest and hardest alien just to give gwen a real good fucking. Just as gwen climaxed, the omnitrix discharged turning ben back to normal and leaving him to finish and cum inside of gwen’s mouth. The moral of the story is don’t make bets that you can’t win with Ben . . . unless you want some of the best sex of your life.

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And now a little bit of striptease from July!

Sexual Toons For Ben 10 Threesome Sex

Hentai Picture: And now a little bit of striptease from July!
Be on your guard because of the set of horny stuff hotter than you think: the most divine, the most skilled and the smartest dicks all at our place… Classy July rides cock, gets shagged ass to mouth and drinks a bit of manly cream… We go on with Ben 10: wild vaginal, oral and anal penetrations and some powerful threesome scenes as well…

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