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Ben 10 Porn Story: GTAE – Chapter 4

Ben 10 Porn Story: GTAE – Chapter 4

Gwendolyn Tennyson watched her breath roll out over her chapped lips as she waited for her grandfather and idiot cousin to catch up. It had been a few weeks since they left the sunshine state, but it hadn’t taken the trio long to get to the polar opposite of hot and steamy for some winter time fun.

The young redhead grinned lightly and tugged her mittens down one by one, ski sticks in hand. “Come on you guys! The lift’s almost here!”

“Awh why’d we have to come here? I liked Florida.” Ben tucked his arms up under each other in an attempt to bundle up. “It was warmer, and there was less snow….” He wasn’t really down with the whole snow covered mountain thing, he didn’t know how to ski or snowboard and while admittedly there were other kids around throwing snowballs, he didn’t know any of them either.

“True, but both Gwen and I really like to ski, and besides, this resort got nearly three inches of new powder this last week. We couldn’t drive through and not stop to check it out.” Max smirked a little, attempting to lift his nephew’s foul mood. He wasn’t terribly successful, but thankfully Gwen chose that moment to smack Ben in the face with a snowball.

“Well come on you two, if you take much longer the people behind us I’ll get angry.” She laughed a little, hopping up on to the ski lift and scooting to the far end to make room.

Ben glared back at her and he hopped up next to her. “Real funny Gwen.” He shook some of the snow out from his cap, deliberately getting it on his cousin and knocked her skis with his snowboard. Even if he didn’t know how to ride, he figured it could’ve have been too different from hover boarding right?

“You two go on ahead, I’m going to start out on something a little lighter.” Grandpa Max waved a little, patting the back of the lift as he watched it carry the two kids, currently engaged in a skis vs snowboard foot fight, off toward the top of the mountain.

Ben blinked a little and stopped battling with Gwen for a second. “Wait, something lighter? Gwen where does this lift go?” He noticeable paled and started looking around almost frantically.

Gwen’s eye flickered with a sinister gleam and she grinned maliciously at her cousin, snickering lightly. “We’re hitting the black diamond Ben.” She smirked a little more. “Better prepare yourself.” Gwen broke out laughing as the lift pull rocked lightly.

Ben almost matched shade with the snow. “Wait what?! But I don’t know how to snowboard yet!” For a moment he thought about jumping off right where they were, but after seeing the substantial amount empty space between his feet and the ground, and visualizing himself plummeting to his snowy demise, he decided it was a bad idea.

His cousin was still cracking up, kicking her skis back and forth as she rubbed her hands together conspiratorially. She couldn’t wait to have a shot at the resort’s black diamond, and messing with Ben was just an added as far as she was concerned.

He wasn’t exactly in agreement with her. “You’re evil.” He glared at her, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned back in the lift waiting for the ground to get closer.

Gwen blew him a kiss. “I’m also unbelievably awesome.” She smirked a little before finishing her bout of laughter and settling in to enjoy the view while they waited to get to the, rather far away, mountain top.

Ben was busying himself formulating a plan to get her back. There was no way he was going to give her the satisfaction of seeing him ride the sky lift down, aside from the fact that only wimps took the lift down, then there was the fact that Gwen was the one who’d tricked him up the lift, and if he took it down, it would be like admitting she beat him, and there was no way he was going to do that.

Now the only question was, how did he get her back? Four Arms was big, red and strong, plenty of promise there, but on the down side he was large red and not the stealthiest thing in existence. Gwen would probably yell at him for making a scene. XLR8 could rush down the mountain without being seen, and then some super speed snowballs to Gwen’s face could totally even the score.

Ben nodded to himself smirking slightly before a hot puff of air in his ear jolted him from his schemes. “Wha!” He batted at his ear attempting to remove whatever was on his ear, until he noticed Gwen had blew in his ear. He glared a little more. “You’re so going down.”

She blew him a kiss and leaned back over to her side of the ski lift, smiling down at the snowy slopes below. She was kicking her feet back and forth, clearly enjoying herself as a chilly wind cut through.

“What’s with you and the kisses lately?” Ben brushed at his ear a little more, just to get that been messed with feeling off, before he crossed his arms over his chest and sort of pouted over at his cousin.

Gwen chuckled a little and just sort of shrugged. “No idea. Just sort of feels like something I should do.” She paused for a moment and stopped smiling. “U-unless of course you want me to stop?…”

Ben blushed a little and suddenly became very interested in the snowy wonderland beneath them. “Well I mean it’s not like I mind… but it’s kinda weird to have my cousin blowing kisses at me all the time…” The lift reached the top of the mountain and the two hopped off. Ben thanked his lucky stars as the ski lift’s arrival seemed to break the awkward moment quite nicely, although the embarrassing wobble he performed upon his landing sort of made up for it.

Gwen even laughed at him a little before she slid over to him and ruffled his hair with a slight baby voice added just for effect. “But how else am I supposed to send you my wuv?” She giggled a little and skied a little ways away from her cousin, smirking as she turned and waited for him to catch up before getting too far away.

“I don’t know, how about writing a letter?” Ben pushed himself off toward her, his snowboard wasn’t behaving quite as alike to his hoverboard as he would’ve liked, but at least he hadn’t fallen down yet.

She smiled and winked at him. “I’ll write you a love letter if you want me to Ben.” She smirked a little more before kicking off toward where the other skiers were getting ready to head down the mountain.

“Hmph, yeah right…” He just sort of half pouted before wobbling his way out of sight, some rather snowy rocks provided a nice niche to poke at the watch from. “Alright, time to get down this hill, and get Gwen back.”

While Ben was vigorously breaking hero rule number one, Gwen was looking for a side path where she could really get some speed out of her run. The main way down was practically bumper to bumper, and some of the other skiers were considerably larger than the ten year old red head, and avoiding getting run over by them seemed like a good idea.

A green flash resounded from behind Ben’s chosen hiding place, followed by a quiet hissing and several small trails of steam. Ben looked down at his own molten hands. “Heatblast? Awh man…” He sighed and slumped a little, trying to think of a good way to use this to his advantage.

“Alright… new plan. Fire ski down the mountain, and then melt the snow in Gwen’s path.” He nodded to himself snickering just a little. “Yeah, Gwen’ll get soaked and want off the mountain.” Ben nodded to himself a little more. “And then I can show up and dry her off all noble like…” He paused and blinked a couple of times. “Wait, what?” He blinked a couple more times, trying to figure out why he’d want to be all noble for Gwen.

He shook it off and look to the sky. “Alright.” He flared up a little just to get hot enough to take flight, only he ended up about four feet lower than he’d started. “Hmm… that can’t be good.”

Meanwhile the more intelligent member of the Tennyson cousins had found herself a nice little patch of less crowded snow sort of half hidden behind a small group of trees. She looked for Ben, for about ten seconds, before deciding that he had probably just wimped out and while she really didn’t want to miss out on harassing him for that, she wasn’t going to spend time looking for him when she could be skiing.

“Hmm…” Ben was now about six feet deep in snow, only he wasn’t actually in the snow. He’d melted all the snow around him, even that on the rocks he had hidden behind. The problem was, the longer he stood in one spot, the more snow melted under, and around him, but if he moved than he just melted the snow his heat hadn’t reached yet. “Well, this is definitely bad.” He was currently trying to figure out how to move without causing an avalanche.

His cousin was already on her way down the side of the mountain, zig zagging down at a nice calm speed. She wasn’t really paying much attention to behind her, where some people were starting to notice the steam rolling off a familiar set of no longer snowy rocks.

It was about then when, after a rather ill advised attempt to see how far a fog horn would echo from the top of a snowy mountain that a rather serious avalanche started down the mountain. The wisdom of said fog horn related experiment was severely question shortly after, and criminal charges were being considered.

Gwen turned just in time to see a large amount of snow come crashing down after her. She turned and started trying to ski out of its path as fast as she could, but it was rather hopeless, and she was quickly over taken by snow. She was sent tumbling head over heels a couple of times before stuttering to a halt under a foot of snow, her skis sticking up as the snowy tide had laid her out on her back.

Ben on the other hand had finally gotten it in gear, deciding that it was better to make the avalanche worse by saving people, than just sit back in his hole in the snow and hope no one got hurt.

He flared up and blasted the actual ground under him, melting nearly all the snow left from where he’d been, but launching himself into the air. A loud thunder like clap and he’d summoned himself a fiery cloud to carry him across the sky down after the avalanche. It didn’t take him long; he caught up to the moving mass of snow and water in no time.

Ben then spent upward of fifteen minutes pulling and digging frost digging people from their snowy doom, and another ten insuring none of them caught hypothermia while he rescued their friends, before Grandpa Max finally caught up to him.

“Ben! Where’s Gwen?” Max looked about, suddenly very aware that the young red head was not with her molten flaming alien cousin.

Said alien blinked a couple of times before it dawned on him that his cousin might have been caught in the avalanche. Sure it wasn’t just possible, it was in fact very likely, but Ben had never really thought of Gwen as someone who would need saving, even from forces of nature, that was for people he didn’t argue with on a regular basis.

Meanwhile the red headed source of repetitive argumentation was out cold, and for that matter just plain cold. Her breath and body heat had given her enough space not to suffocate, but her clothing was soaking wet, and she was shaking like a leaf, while her lips began to turn a lovely shade of unhealthy blue.

Luckily for the ex-Lucky Girl it was about then when Ben picked her out from the skies and immediately landed next to her, and while only by the most general of standers could what Ben managed to do be called either landing or next to her, he was at her side in a matter of moments so we’re going to give it to him anyway.

“Gwen Gwen!” The pre-teen pyre crashed to his knees down beside his cousin. He’d meant to get her back, but he hadn’t meant to kill her, and she was looking pretty close to dead. Gwen wasn’t breathing noticeable and even as her drenched clothes sizzled against Ben’s molten flesh her chattering teeth was the only sign that she was still among the living. “Come on Gwen! Wake up! Gwen!” He shook her a little, not enough to hurt her, he hoped, but hopefully enough to get her to wake up. “Oh man, how could this get any worse?”

It was around this point when a quiet but subtle rumbling coming from the top of the mountain reminded Ben that yelling out his cousin’s name in an attempt to prevent her death was, while far more romantic than he intended, an excruciatingly bad idea while standing within an avalanche field.

It began a good ways away but picked up speed fast, as these things tend to, and Ben was only given a half a second to react, throwing himself over his unconscious cousin, as the wave of snow and ice and rock and frost came crashing down over them, he had this to say. “Oh come on!”

Fortunately for Gwen, being smothered by a living candle was just about what she needed at that point, and even as her heavy layers of clothing began to crinkle and flake off under the flame, she started breathing normally again. The being buried by a couple tons of snow and ice again was less fortunate, but considering her rescuer was Ben you could only ask for so much.

The would be hero opened his eyes once things seemed to have quieted down. Something dripped on him and his head sizzled quietly, he looked around, still holding Gwen close, though now more out of subconscious concern than conscious decision. The two had been buried alive, and deep judging by the fact that the only light seemed to be coming from Ben’s luminous magma. “Ok, this is worse…”

His cousin shivered as her clothes smoldered lightly, more than lightly where Ben was still touching her. Her breathing was better, and she didn’t look so much as the living dead. In fact she was looking so much better that she was able to actually start wincing at being hugged by a living lava man.

It was this healthy wincing that finally gartered the attention of said living lava man, and caused him to notice that the small red headed girl in his arms was actually on fire in some places. “Ah! Gwen you’re on fire!” He attempted to stand up, but only managed to push his head into the snow ceiling and send Gwen rolling off his lap and into the snow.

A half a moment of frantically trying to figure out what to do was followed by a full moment of frantically removing pieces of his cousin’s flaming clothing and piling it in a smoldering heap in the corner of the small little snow cavern carved by his body heat.

By the end Gwen was semi-conscious, shivering again, down to her street clothes, and lightly crispy around the edges. Her eyes fluttered open but didn’t stay that way, her mittens had caught fire, and her fingers were lightly singed, but overall, it was an improvement.

Ben leaned over her the moment he saw her eyes open. “Gwen!” He smiled, happy to know that he hadn’t simply killed her, Grandpa would’ve been mad, among other people. “Alright Gwen, hold still, I’m gonna try and dry you off.” He smirked a little, feeling confident as he began to pass his molten hands over his cousin, waving them back and forth, and really simply having no idea whatsoever as to what he was doing, but it looked like it should’ve worked.

Lucky for him that was because it did work, steam began to roll off Gwen’s clothing and even as she continued to shiver, the young red head took a deep breath and started to stir. Ben took that as a sign of life and removed his hand, leaning over her a little more and yelling, albeit quieter than before. “Gwen! Gwen! Wake Up.”

She slowly opened her eyes, and stared up at the pure white snow above her. She was breathing slow and deep, as if exerting great effort to do so. She blinked, wincing lightly as she moved her hands up to cross across her chest, and rolled onto her side, shivering almost violently.

“GWEN!” Ben practically screamed down at her, he needed her to be ok, and he needed it bad. He took her by her shoulders and shook her, too caught up to remember he was Heatblast at the moment.

“St-stop… stop it…” Gwen mumbled as she curled into a ball. She was sore and cold, but his hands were nice and warm, and as things were, that was about all her mind was up to processing at the moment.

“Gwen!” Ben was elated just to hear her voice. “It’s me Ben! I’m Heatblast, and we’ve been buried alive by an avalanche!” He kept shaking her, just because that seemed to be a good way to keep her alive. “Come on Gwen, yell at me, call me stupid and tell me what to do! I’m majorly lost here, I could flare up and melt us out, but you could get burnt or drowned or frozen if I did that, but we can’t just stay here, eventually the watch’ll turn off the heat and we’ll freeze!”

“B-Ben?…” She moaned weakly back at him, before wincing a little from being shook.

“Yes!” He slumped back in relief. “Finally…”

Gwen attempted to sit up, but ended up slumping back herself. “I-it’s cold… St-stu-stupid…”

“Well here.” Ben smirked a little and set his smaller shivering cousin in his hot flaming lap. “You’re always calling me a hot head anyway.” He snickered.

Gwen smiled and curled up into him. “Hey, a-at least y-you’re n-not bu-burning me.” She balled up a little more to try and stop shivering. “B-Ben… co-ould you maybe m-make a fl-flare?” She shivered again and tried to tuck her arms under each other.

“Well… yeah I could… but I don’t know how I get it to go anywhere…” He pointed up at the snowy ceiling, which was actually a good deal further up than it had been when they’d first gotten buried, likely due to the water which was dripping down onto the molten flaming man with the little girl in his lap. “At least not without having ice water pour down on our heads.”

“W-well, we c-can figure th-that out i-in a bit…” She curled a little more and laid her check against his chest. “I n-need to re-rest a bit, I’m c-cold an’ t-tired…”

“No no no.” Ben picked her up under her arms and shook her lightly. “No sleeping. I might not know what we Should be doing, but I know we shouldn’t be sleeping. You never sleep in a bad situation, that’s like rule one.”

Gwen winced and tried to get him to set her down. “B-but Ben, I’m really tired… like really really tired… j-just a minute or two…” Her eyes slid closed and her head sort of bobbed as she struggled to hold it up.

Ben flared up, causing some snow to fall on him, and held Gwen face to face with him. “No. No sleeping.” He sounded more serious than Ben Tennyson normally sounded capable of.

“Shut up Ben!” She half heartedly twisted about in his grip “I’ll sleep when I want!” She tried to slap him, but never really got her arm up high enough.

He kept her held up. “Well I say you’re not going to sleep now, so what cha gonna do about it?” Ben smirked a little, feeling like they might be getting back into the old familiar routine of mutual bickering.

Gwen glared back and him. “I’ll do it anyway.” She closed her eyes and stopped holding herself up, becoming dead weight, just to give Ben a hard time, maybe if he thought she was actually asleep he’d leave her along.

Of course Ben never left her alone so why should this be any different? “No.” He shook her like a rag doll. “No sleeping. Don’t make me stick your head in the snow.” She snorted and kept her eyes closed; trying to curl up again, though her hands stayed on Ben’s, trying to push him off her.

Ben pouted a little and then got an idea. He started pulling his cousin’s pants down. Not at all for malicious intentions, well maybe malicious, but not perverted, her pants were still damp, and he figured it was best to get them off before they froze to her.

Of course Gwen didn’t know that. “Beeennn! What are you doing!?” She had her eyes open and was wide awake and struggling again within a second. She was cold already and she didn’t want to lose any of her, already inadequate for the environment, clothing.

“You need to get out of those wet clothes, and I needed something to keep you awake. This seemed like it would work.” Ben smirked.

Gwen blushed a little but was still half asleep. “No, it didn’t, I’m still asleep.” She closed her eyes and wriggled in his grip, trying to kept her pants on while she slept. Her cousin pouted a little but set her down in his lap, reaching down around her waist to pull her shirt off over her head. She yipped and wriggled trying her best to bat him off. “Ben stop it! I’m awake!”

“But still sleepy.” He pulled on her shirt, rolling it up over her stomach; it sizzled in against his fingers, to damp and cold to actually catch fire, but getting there.

“S-so?” She growled at him, her shirt had come off a little easier than she would’ve liked, but she couldn’t really be bothered to care at the moment. She tried to stay warm by pressing still closer to her molten cousin. “Stop it.”

“Not until you’re awake.” Ben tried not to stare at her, notable perky nipples, as her reached down into her pants trying to just pick her up out of them as he unbuttoned them with the other.

She wriggled and pushed at him blushing. “St-stop I am awake… T-totally awake…” Her pants were practically peeling away from her, coated with a mixture of snow and frost, but she didn’t want to end up buried in the snow naked.

“Mmmhmm…” Ben totally didn’t believe her, but she wasn’t exactly the most convincing little red head on the face of the earth at the moment, and he just lifted her gently out of her pants, tossing them off to sit in a pile with the rest of her clothing before replacing her in his lap. He intentions as virtuous as they might have been, he couldn’t help himself from becoming a little aroused from undressing his half asleep cousin.

Gwen leaned into him, attempting to cover herself up, with the absolutely nothing that was available as she closed her eyes and pressed her forehead against her cousin. Now she was more embarrassed than sleepy, and she shifted in his lap chewing on her bottom lip. “Th-there, now st-stop taking off my clothes.”

Ben wrapped his arms around her, one of those hand found its way to her rear as he held her to him, but that was only minimally intentional at this point. “There, now don’t you feel better?” She only responded with a growl, but did curl into him for his heat.

He just sort of let his hand sit on her panty clad rear, not trying to encourage things anymore than her half naked cuddling was already doing. Heatblast didn’t wear pants after all, so all he could do is hope that Gwen didn’t notice.

Which considering her possibly hypothermic state, wasn’t all that impossible. She just shifted lightly, closing her eyes, not trying to sleep, but rest her eyes as she pressed her cheek against the nice warmth of the fire alien’s chest. “Hey, it’s not so bad when you’re not melting everything you touch.” She smirked.

Ben scratched his head and said a little bashfully. “Well… I sort of am.” He was sitting about three inches lower in the snow den than he had started, and he probably would’ve been sitting deeper if he hadn’t hit tundra. Luckily that wasn’t the only direction he was melting, there was a rather large dent in the ceiling above his head.

Gwen blinked up at him confused. “What do you mean? I’m not burning or anything…”

He started back at her like that was the dumbest thing she’d ever said, which considering her normally very good record for saying dumb things, it very well might have been. “I’m melting the snow Gwen…” He pouted. “I don’t think you’re fully awake yet.” As true as this may have been Ben was really just using it as an excuse to plunge a heated hand down the back of his cousin’s underwear, causing her to yelp and arch.

“H-hey! Ben!!” She wriggled in his lap reaching around and trying to remove her cousin’s hand from her panties, which considering the size difference, and his alien strength, was not the least bit successful. Although it did serve as a marvelous distraction from the growing budge in his glowing crotch.

Gwen continued to struggle, but it was to no avail, her fingers were dumbed down from being numb, and she was having trouble holding on to anything, let alone hoisting an alien’s hand from her rear. “B-Ben come on, I’m awake see… Oh look you’re melting the snow. I get it, now stop it.” She chirped on accident and immediately flushed, though that didn’t stop her from attempting to remove his hand.

He just smirked, totally loving the little noises his cousin could make, and drove his hand further down her backside until his thick hot fingers just barely brushed over the bottom of her slit. His own lap had a substantially sized erection going, Heatblast’s molten manhood was long hard hot and had lightly curved ridges and bumps where semi liquid bits of molten flesh clung.

Gwen jerked almost upright and stopped struggling against him but quick. “B-bit inappropriate Ben… Just a bit.” She glared across at him, crossing her arms and trying to seem as intimidating as a ninety-percent naked pre-teen girl could be.

Which of course caused Ben to become, not at all intimidated. “Hey I’m just trying to keep you warm.” He smirked a little more and used the hand he held around her rear to press her up against him. She settled down and leaned into him, trying her best to ignore his hand as she closed her eyes. She wasn’t that sleepy anymore, and despite the fact that he was feeling her up, Ben was still nice and warm.

He wrapped his other arm around her shoulders and sort of hugged her to him. He was kind of hoping she didn’t notice the molten man shaft that stuck up between them, but on the other hand, he was also kind of hoping she did.

“H-hey Ben?” Gwen sighed, rubbing her cheek against the rough warm flesh of the magma creature that was her cousin.

“Yeah?” He leaned back a little so he could look her in the face.

She smiled up at him, sort of chewing on her bottom lip. “L-lo…” She blushed a little. “Oh n-never mind.” She pouted and squiggled down into Ben’s lap so she could be comfortable, and didn’t have to look at his face.

“What?” Now he was curious, and actually removed his hand from her underwear as she snuggled down. “Come on what is it?

Gwen answered with a shake of her head, managing to get well tucked down into his lap. Of course shortly thereafter she noticed that she had to share his lap, and glared up at him.

He blinked, and would’ve blushed, if Heatblast had been able too. Instead his face heated up a little, and the ceiling above him dripped a little more. “What?”

She smiled slightly; wriggling her butt down against his lap a little more. “Nothing Ben… it’d be weird if I said it.”

“Weirder than me turning into aliens at the flick of a switch?” He snickered a little, smirking back at her.

She nodded and pressed her backside against her cousin’s molten man shaft, still smiling up at him. “Way weirder.”

Ben almost jumped a little when she rubbed against him, but he wasn’t going to give up that easily. “Well, tell me anyway.”

Again Gwen answered with a shake of her head. “No way, and have you stare at me funny for the rest of our lives? Nu-uh, I’m not telling you.”

Ben answered by deliberately looking at her funny. “Well, now I’m gonna be doing that anyway.”

She just shrugged. “Well at least this way you be looking at me funny and knowing why.” She smirked a little and curled up a little.

Her cousin pouted down at her for s moment before smirking and going back to what had previously worked when he’d wanted Gwen to do something, he stuck his hand down her panties. “Come on Gwen, tell me.”

She just twitched and shook her head again. “No. It’s embarrassing.” She pressed her backside against him a bit more, leaning forward and rubbing her cheek against his chest.

“More embare-assing, than having a bare butt?” Ben snickered a little, thinking he was being clever, before he reached around to pull his cousin’s panties off completely.

This actually got a response out of her, as Gwen blushed fervently and wriggled in his lap. “B-Ben! Bad idea!! This is so not the time!” She smacker her hands gentle against his chest. “Besides we have to figure a way out of here before you clock out and we lose our heat!”

“Don’t try and change the subject Gwen. “Ben smirked, practically raising her up by to her feet by her rear, but letting her lean off him so he could pull her panties down off over her pale flat butt. It didn’t take him long to have a hand on either of her rear cheeks. “Now come on, tell me what you were gonna tell me.”

She fervently shook her head back and forth. “Ben I’m serious that’s not as important as getting out of here!” She reached back and tried her best to cover herself up. He may have seen it all before during their previous encounters, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to be modest.

“Well tell me and then we can move on to more important things.” He smirked a little more and started massaging her rear in his hands.

Gwen tried to cover her lower half, but to no avail, she squeaked and chirped as he massaged her backside. “No Ben!” She bit her bottom lip and tried not to make noise. “I’m… embarrassed about it okay!? Now knock it off!” She snorted and tired to sort of wiggle her way out of his grip and back into his lap. He had her naked rear sticking out into the cold.

“More embarrassed then you are about this?” Far from stopping playing with her backside, he ran one of his hot thick fingers over the edge of her soft pink slit with a smirk.

Gwen quietly yelped at the feeling of the rough hot molten finger running over her core, and closed her eyes, burying her face into Ben’s shoulder. “Y… yes” She suddenly got a lot quieter and turned a lot pinker than she had been.

Now Ben might’ve been stupid, but he wasn’t dense, well ok he was dense, but he wasn’t That dense. He knew something was up and stopped playing with her for a moment, looking down at her seriously. “Gwen, what is it?”

Again the small red head shook her head back and forth. “No Ben… I’m not going to say it.” She bit her lower lip, nibbling on it lightly as she looked ruffled and nervous.

“Well then.” Ben smirked a little. “I’ll just have to get it out of you somehow huh?” He pushed at her soft opening with one of his hot thick fingers.

Gwen gasped, mouth open wide and back arched as her hand shot down to attempt to prevent her cousin’s thick molten finger from her sensitive opening, though it did her little good, Ben wrapped one of his large three fingered hands around her rear, pressing her against him. “So, you gonna tell me?”

She shook her head again. “N-no… Ben drop it.” She kept pushing at him, her back arched, and her head tilted back as she panted lightly.

Ben smirked a little more as he wrapped a hand around each of her rear cheeks. “Nope, not till you tell me.”

Gwen grit her teeth together and shook her head one last time. “N-not gonna say… it’s dumb… not worth, this trouble.”

“Oh this isn’t any trouble.” Ben snickered a little. “And if it’s so dumb why don’t you just tell me.” He rocked his hand lightly against her rear, sort of stroking it.

She blushed and arched her back a little more. “B-because i-it means something to me… a-and it’s dumb… s-so it’s not i-important.” She bucked her hips once, biting her tongue to keep from chirping.

Her cousin smirked down at her and kept rubbing her rear. “Just tell me, and I’ll do whatever you say for as long as we’re trapped in here.” Ben was almost taunting her with the offer, he sort of wanted her to accept, just to see what she’d want him to do.

“N-no…” Gwen was almost out of breath now, her opening seeping a clear sweet liquid, just barely glistening in the light of her molten cousin. She arched and rocked back against his hands lightly.

Her cousin snickered a little. “Tell me, and we can have sex.” He smirked a little and rocked his hips forward, rubbing his molten man length against her legs, sort of showing it off to her.

Gwen yelped a little and continued to pant, mouth handing open as she pressed her head against her cousin’s molten chest. “N-no… Ben… no.” She chewed on her bottom lip, questioning her own decision but there was just no way she was going to tell him now.

Ben ran his finger tip up and down her glittering slit. “Come on Gwen, is it really worth all this trouble?” Now even he was getting a little annoyed with all this putting on, he really wished she would just tell him whatever it was already so they could get on to the fun parts, not that he wasn’t having fun with her now, but he knew he could be having more fun if she’d just tell him already.

She chirped a little as her body slumped down into his lap and she chewed on her lip, before taking a single deep breath and turning a bright shade of red. “I, l-lo… l-lo…” She stuttered for a moment, before just shaking her head and turning an even deeper shade of red.

Her molten cousin smirked a little, and stopped messing with her. “Alright Gwen, you don’t have to tell me.” He scooped her up in on hand, lightly positioning her over his magma manhood before rocking up against her. “You just have to have sex with all 10 of my aliens before the end of the summer.” He smirked a little pushing his semi-malleable tip inside her. “Deal?”

Gwen bit her lip rocking her head back and letting out a light moan before looking up at her cousin. “A-almost ha-half way there a-already…” She smirked a bit, actually truly smiling up at him. “Deal.”

That was all he needed to hear, and the moment she smiled back up at him, he pushed almost his entire alien length inside of her, causing her to groan with relief and arch her back, tilting her head back and letting her tongue hang out as she panted roughly.

Ben kept his hands on her rear, holding her in place as he rocked his hips back and forth underneath his panting cousin, pumping himself in and out of her in a rough and quick pace. It was awkward to try and thrust while sitting cross-legged, but that didn’t stop him.

Gwen didn’t seem to mind either, though she was in a much more comfortable position, sitting quite literally in the alien’s lap. She arched her shoulders back each time he pushed himself deep inside her and her body seemed to try and match his heat as it squished and squeezed around the hot intrusion.

He grunted lightly as he thrust his hips up into her, shoving his long hot almost rocky manhood in and out of her tight hot core, and she rode him happily. She smiled and arched and bucked her hips back into him so his solid shaft rubbed against the softer spots insider her. Ben bucked himself back against her, his arms wrapped around her shoulders and clutching tightly onto her rear.

She chirped and moaned as she rode the molten alien. Her insides twitched and squeezed as she rolled her hips back into him. Ben grunted a little and plunged himself deeper in and out of her as his molten shaft was somewhat shaped by the squeezing and twisting of Gwen’s hot core. She arched her back more and bucked her hips down against him, biting her lip as she smiled, eyes closed tightly and thoroughly enjoying the elations of being filled so full by something so warm.

And he was only getting warmer. Ben’s body heated up, part from the passion, part from the effort of pumping himself in and out of his naked cousin. The snow around him well past melted, even the ground somewhat thawed, and the ice pack above him severely suffering from the heat. Though he was trying to hold back, well aware that Heatblast could get too hot to handle, but it was hard to do so while so, involved.

Gwen mewed up at him, panting and hiccupping as she tensed. “G-god Ben… I L-lov… e y-y-you…” She grit her teeth, and blushed, the combination of all causing her core to clench down harshly and pull the thick hot shaft deeper into her soft pink opening.

Ben smirked. “Sounds like you told me anyway.” He thrust up into her a little harder than he had before. It was a weird feeling to feel your shaft literally be shaped by what you pumped into, but not at all unpleasant.

She grit her teeth and bucked back a little rougher. “Sh-shut up…” She blushed even more, and felt a little hot herself as the friction built up within her core. He chuckled a little, stroking her backside with one hot molten hand as he continued to thrust and pump himself in and out of her harder than ever before.

Gwen gasped and rocked back against him faster. She didn’t seem to care about his pace, but she definitely seemed to like how hard he was going, yipping and chirping softly as she tilted her head back, gasping up at the snowy ceiling, and no longer the least bit cold.

Ben was beginning to pant a little as he pumped her, he was smirking, but that was mostly because he knew he was going to get to keep doing this with each of his aliens, which meant that he got to keep having sex for almost the entire summer, and that just sounded like fun.

And at the moment Gwen seemed to agree. She moaned loudly, her body tensing and sucking him in as his bumps and grooves rubbed against her in all the right places. She shivered, not from the cold but from her climax. It was an odd feeling, like her entire body became fuzzy and warm, and she was left panting hard as she pushed herself back into him.

Of course just because she’d climaxed didn’t mean Ben was going to give any quarter. He pumped against her even harder, practically slamming his hips against hers as he pushed his molten manhood in and out of her, and panted a little harder himself.

She was moving with his pace, and kept out of breath by it. Even her body seemed reluctant to calm down as it continued to suck and squeeze him within her, seeping out small smooth trials of her sweet clear liquid.

Ben grit his toothless mouth as he tried to hold himself back. He didn’t realize that he was holding his climax back, but he was trying to keep from incinerating his cousin with the incredible swelling heat in his crotch.

Gwen was frantically gasping out his name as she kept bucking and grinding back into him, driven well over the edge, and enjoying every moment of it.

Ben panted her name back. “Gwen…” He was out of breath, and holding himself back was causing him to twitch about insider her. “I don’t know if this’ll hurt… you.”

She looked back up at him, a vacant expression on her face. “Th-then… B-Ben, just… just go ahead…” She gasped and shivered a little, bucking even more as she we well beyond her own control.

That was all the permission Ben needed, tossing his head back as he released himself deep inside her. One could only imagine the kinds of molten jelly he shot into her. Gwen yelped, it burned, but not like fire, more like hot water, too hot to handle, but not enough to scald you, and it only lasted for a moment, before her body seemed to heat up with it, or perhaps it cooled down. Either way the pain was gone and never as bad as one might’ve though, and the you red head slumped forward and struggled to catch her breath, her eyes vacant and staring off into space.

Ben leaned back, just sort of panting as he stared up at the ceiling and let himself sort of cool off. “I love you too Gwen…” He smirked a little, smiling down at her as he placed a hand on top of her head.

She blushed and looked up at him, still a little dazed as she continued to blush and pant. She chewed on her bottom lip a little and tried to keep from looking Ben in the face. “Sh-shush…”

“Gwen.” He kept smiling down at her and ruffled her hair, speaking a little softly.

“Wh-what?” She kept pouting, but looked back up at him. She was acting nervous, mostly because she was still trying to get used to being in such an awkward position. Sitting in a fire alien’s lap with his penis inside you and a stomach full of his seed wasn’t exactly something she was used to.

“You can get off me now.” Ben smirked down at her.

Gwen hmph’d and did just that, dusting herself off before gingerly standing up off him and marching to the opposite side of the little hole they were in. She was a little flustered with the time and energy her cousin had used up. She had to think of a way to get out of the hole, because she really didn’t want to die frozen in a hole with a belly full of alien jizz.

Fortunately their little romp had almost melted the ceiling all the way to the surface. There was so little left that you could actually see the light of the sun on the other side, and Ben could stand up. “Gwen, get dressed we’re going.” He smirked and swirled a flame around in his hand.

His cousin growled back at him but ultimately just sighed and went to her, still somewhat damp, clothes. She was a little upset that all she had left were her street clothes, since Ben had burnt most everything else, and ever her underwear was looking a little crispy, but regardless of the state they were in Gwen struggled into her damp and singed clothes and walked back over to her cousin.

He smirked back at her and tossed the fire up into the snow ceiling. It melted away fairly easily, and actually only caused a little bit of icy precipitation down on their heads. Of course Ben’s head actively being on fire at the moment sort if negated his concern, though Gwen started shivering again, and took hold of Ben’s hand, forcing a smile as her teeth started chattering.

Ben scooped her up in his fiery arms and flared up a little to keep her warm, while pointing one hand at the ground and blasted the two of them well up into the sky. Gwen held tight, squeezing her eyes shut as she was a little shocked by the fast and sudden vertical movement.

They landed behind the lodge just as the watch started to time out, and a moment after he was standing on the snowy ground behind the lodge, there was a red flash and Ben was standing there with Gwen in his arms wearing a full six layers of snow clothes.

Of course he couldn’t hold his cousin in his arms without alien strength, so he quickly fell over. Gwen yelped as she was basically dropped. She blinked up at the sky and let out a few hot breaths before shivering and standing up, dusting what snow she could off herself. “Th-thanks Ben.”

He smirked back up at her and scratched the back of his head, as he stood up and dusted the snow off himself. “Hehe, thanks. After all you’ve got six more aliens to play with.” He snickered a little but couldn’t help but feel bad as he watched a girl he’d just bumped hips with stand in the cold shivering. “Awh here.” He took off his snow coat; he was dressed in layers anyway, so he offered it to her.

Gwen blushed, but took the coat, wrapping herself in it and trying to not seem creepy when she smelled it. A moment after looking around to make sure no one was watching, she leaned toward Ben and kissed him on the cheek. “Let’s find Grandpa.” Before simply walking away, with a slight swaying of her hips.

Ben chuckled like a dweeb and rubbed the back of his head, turning a little red before following her. “Heheh, Right.”

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Charmcaster’s Bad Day part 2

Ben 10 Porn Story: Charmcaster’s Bad Day part 2

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Gwen try new big dildo
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