Ben 10 and the Second summer – Chapter 1

Ben 10 and the Second summer – Chapter 1

Ben Tennnyson’s scream of joy was lost with the same call emerging from hundreds of other students as they escaped the middle school with the last bell of the school year. Normally the last bell would have meant time for Ben to meet up with his cousin Gwen as Jane and Keesha in the old control room behind the gym bleachers but Gwen had spent the last three months being home schooled after the birth of their son Ken and Jane (who was living with Gwen and her parents and huge with the approach of their twins birth) had joined her old friend in her home based classes. Keesha was still around and Ben would have enjoyed meeting her for a good hard fuck to celebrate the end of the school year but then he’d be late to meet up with Grandpa Max so the two of them had agreed after their morning fuck to skip the afternoon fuck and sealed the room for the summer.

For a second Ben thought he saw Keesha’s black braids coming out of the upperclass wing of the school but when the black girl turned to talk to a classmate Ben realized that she was missing the bulge of Keesha’s pregnant belly and he realized he was mistaken. Ben turned at the familiar sound of the rustbuckets belching roar and saw his Grandpa Max pull into the parking area in front of the school and come to a stop to wait for him.

“Hi Grandpa,” Ben called as he opened the back door of the rustbucket and let himself into the dining area of the old RV.

“Hi Ben,” Grandpa Max called from the drivers seat, “you ready for another summer on the road.”

“I sure am,” Ben said excitedly as he opened the closet and tossed his book bag onto the floor. He noticed that some of his clothes were already hanging up in the small cupboard before he closed the door on the last reminder of school. “And this time it’s just us guys, the way it’s suppose to be with no bossy girls to spoil the road trip.”

“Actually Ben,” Grandpa Max started hesitantly, before he could finish Gwen swivelled the bucket seat on the passenger side around and glared at Ben.

“Is that the way you talk about your cousin and the mother of your son?” Gwen asked, the redhead adjusted the blue barrette in her hair and then folded her arms below her milk filled breasts as she glared at her cousin and half-brother.

“Gwen?” Ben said in surprise, taking in the familiar white cabri pants and blue on blue tee shirt with the cat emblem between the wet spots formed by the milk dripping from her nipples where they formed bumps against the fabric of her shirt. Ben tried to keep his mind off how much he wanted to suck his cousins nipples and fuck her pussy and stay focused on what was happening. “I thought you were going to spend the summer at home to take care of Ken and avoid having a second baby before our son is a year old.”

“That’s what I had in mind,” Gwen agreed as Grandpa Max pulled the rustbucket out of the school parking lot and headed for the interstate, “but I was outvoted. Our parents, Jane, Keesha, and Keesha’s mom all decided that Grandpa Max would need help to make sure that you don’t end up impregnating half the girls in the continental US.”

“But Gwen,” Ben started to whine, taking a seat at the dinning room table when he realized that he was still standing, “I’m not going to go fuck crazy. I don’t need a babysitter.”

“That’s not what we decided,” Gwen said matter of factly.

“Who is we?” Ben asked sourly.

“Me, your mom, my mom, Jane, Keesha, and Keesha’s mom,” Gwen said, listing off all the women Ben had fucked and impregnated in the past year. “Look Ben, we don’t mind if you fuck other girls while you’re out with Grandpa Max for the summer. In fact we expect you to fuck other girls, with your sex drive I think it’s a miracle that the six of us are able to keep you satisfied. But we don’t want you to fuck every pussy you come across this summer because that would probably mean a noticeable rise in the birthrate in the next nine to twelve months.”

“Maybe,” Ben admitted with a mischievous grin as he thought of the possibilities.

“Since our moms and Keesha’s mother have to work they couldn’t join the two of you for the summer. Since Jane is carrying your twins she’s way to big to spend the summer traveling around the country in an RV, especially since the babies are due the end of this month. Keesha might be able to travel with you since her baby isn’t due until the end of the summer, but you wouldn’t be able to pass her off as a family member so she’s out too. And that leaves me to join you for the summer while my mom and Jane take care of Ken for me. Hopefully I’ll take the edge off your libido so you don’t end up impregnating every girl you meet over the next three months.”

“Maybe,” Ben said with a smirk, “but if I’m fucking you every night you’ll be knocked up by the end of the summer again. Are you sure you want to have two babies in less than a year?”

“Jane doesn’t seem to mind having two in one year,” Gwen pointed out, “and as it turns out I’m already going to have another baby.”

“What?” Ben asked, his head snapping up to look at the impish grin on his cousin’s face. “When did you get knocked up? Are you telling me that all those condoms I wore were a waste?”

“I’m afraid so Ben,” Gwen said. “You remember that fight we had with Doctor Animo about seven weeks ago?”

“I remember,” Ben said with a reminiscent smile.

“I remember hearing about the fight,” Grandpa Max said from the driver’s seat, “but I never heard about you getting knocked up from a fight Gwen. In fact I didn’t know you were pregnant again until you mentioned it just now.”

“Ben knocked me up after the fight Grandpa,” Gwen said, “but I thought I was safe at the time so I didn’t know I was pregnant until mom gave me a pregnancy test this morning after I complained about my upset stomach.”

“It sounds like it could be a fun story,” Grandpa Max said, “why don’t you tell me what happened.”

“I have an even better idea,” Ben said. “Since I missed my afternoon fuck I could really use your hot little pussy wrapped around my cock right now.”

“Well that is what I’m here for,” Gwen said with a broad grin as she got up from the passenger seat and made her way back to the dining area. “And we can still tell Grandpa Max the story while we’re fucking.”

“I guess that means I get to enjoy a show and the story at the same time,” Grandpa Max said, glancing over to make sure that the rustbucket’s interior cameras had a clear view of the two eleven year olds before he set them to record the show. “So tell me what happened after your fight with Animo.”

As Gwen walked to the back of the rustbucket she slid her pants down to her ankles and stepped out of them, but Ben hardly noticed that when he realized that his redheaded cousin wasn’t wearing any panties. “What gives Gwen?” Ben asked with a slow grin as his eyes focused on the light red fuzz his cousin had grown around her slit since their son was born. “Why aren’t you wearing any panties?”

“Why should I,” Gwen asked with a soft chuckle as she knelt in front of Ben and unzipped his pants. As she pulled her cousins cock out of his underwear she licked her lips before she continued. “I knew what we’d be doing so I figured, ‘why bother with panties if I’m just going to take them off in a few minutes anyway. I wouldn’t even bother with my pants or shirt except that someone could look in and see me while I’m sitting up front with Grandpa Max. Ben, why don’t you start the story while I suck your cock and get you ready?”

“Sure,” Ben said with a gasp of pleasure as Gwen licked his hardening cock before she sucked it into her mouth. “It all started out with Doctor Animo learning how to control spiders with that weird helmet of his. He decided that a regular spider just wasn’t big enough for him to control the world with so he mutated them into these giant monsters with big hairy legs and mandibles large enough to cut your head off.”

“Ben,” Gwen warned before she sucked his six inch penis between her lips and down her throat.

“So maybe I exaggerated,” Ben admitted with a shrug that turned into a shudder of pleasure as Gwen suck on his cock. “Maybe they were about the size of my hand, but if I’d been Greymatter they would have looked like giants. Anyway, I wanted to take them on as Heatblast since I figured my fires would burn through their webs like they weren’t there, but the watch messed up and I ended up being Stinkfly instead. I don’t know if those spiders saw me as a giant meal or their worst nightmare, but they weren’t big enough to actually hurt me so I was able to take them on no problem.” Gwen wagged her finger at Ben without releasing his cock and he quickly modified what he’d already said, “At least I didn’t have any trouble with Gwen helping me out as Lucky Girl. Of course it was a little hard to keep my mind focused with her running and jumping around in that tight black outfit of hers, but I managed to keep my mind on business.”

“Right,” Gwen said as she let Ben’s now hard cock slide out of her mouth. Why don’t you let me tell the rest of the story? At least I won’t exaggerate.

“Ok fine, tell the story your way,” Ben said, bracing himself on the cushioned bench while Gwen straddled his thighs and held his cock steady while she guided it toward her dripping pussy lips. “But what am I going to do while you’re telling the story?”

“I have an idea,” Gwen said with a hiss of pleasure as she settled herself into her cousin’s lap with his cock buried deep in her tight hot cunt. “I nursed Ken just before Grandpa Max picked me up for the road trip, but my tits are already full of milk again. I have a breast pump but I don’t want to use it unless I have to, I’d rather have you and Grandpa take care of my little milk problem.”

“Sounds like fun,” Ben said with a broad grin. “Hold your arms up so I can pull your shirt off, then I’ll suck you dry while we fuck and you tell Grandpa Max the rest of the story.”

Obediently Gwen raised her arms above her head as she ground her hips against Ben’s, anxious to get started with their actual fuck. Ben grabbed the bottom of his cousin’s shirt and pulled it up and over her head with one quick gesture and then tossed it over to where she’d left her pants on the floor. Now Gwen was totally naked except for her shoes, socks, and the blue barrett she usually wore in her hair. As soon as Ben managed to catch one of her erect nipples between his lips Gwen started flexing her legs to raise herself up and down on her cousin’s rock hard cock while he did his best to suck her tits dry.

“Once we managed to take care of Doctor Animo’s mutant spiders all we had to do was catch the good doctor himself, but he was doing a good job of escaping when I came up with an idea to stop him,” Gwen said with a sigh of pleasure as she rode her cousin’s cock.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“You want me to do what,” Ben asked, flying next to his cousin as they chased after the fleeing Doctor Animo.

“Hit him with your slime,” Gwen repeated, “I have an idea. Just make sure that you cover him from head to foot.”

“I don’t know what you have in mind,” Ben said as he buzzed off after Animo, “but if you want him covered in slime I’ll do it.”

As soon as Ben managed to catch up with Doctor Animo the older man turned to glare at him, his long white hair flying freely under his home made mind control helmet. “You’ll never catch me Ben Tennyson,” he gloated, “never!”

“Maybe I won’t catch you,” Ben said in his buzzing Stinkfly voice, “but at least I can slow you down until Lucky Girl can stop you.” Ben turned the four slime projectors on his head toward the doctor and fired everything he had in one burst. The blast of green slime struck Doctor Animo in the chest with enough force to knock him off his feet so he landed flat on his back in a slick green puddle.

“Curse you Ben Tennyson,” Doctor Animo said, wiping the slime off his face and shaking his fist at the young hero. “I’ll get you for this indignity or my name isn’t Doctor Aloysius Animo.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Ben taunted, “that’s what you always say. But I’m still here and you’re still going to jail again.”

Gwen managed to catch up with the two of them while they were exchanging insults and she opened her spell book to the spell she had in mind while Doctor Animo was still trying to get out of the slippery slime puddle. Gwen’s voice took on the echoing quality it usually did when she was casting a spell and when she finished the final syllable the green slime hardened, trapping Animo in a green stinky shell.

“Curse you girl,” Animo screamed as he struggled against the hardened slime that held him in a slightly raised position. “I’ll get you too Gwen Tennyson, just you wait and see what I have planed for you.”

“I can wait for what you have in mind Doctor,” Gwen said. “But right now there’s something I can’t wait for. Ben, get down here and change right now.”

“What’s wrong Gwen?” Ben asked as he landed nest to his cousin.

“I said change,” Gwen said, grabbing her cousin by his collar and trying to pull it off his Stinkfly form. “It’s been almost three months since I was fucked and right now I’m so horny I need you inside me right now.”

“But what about Doctor Animo?” Ben asked, gesturing toward their captive audience as he deactivated the Omnitrix and changing back to human before the watch timed out.

“I don’t care,” Gwen said as she pulled her cousins clothes off his body as fast as she could. “And I don’t think he does either. Think of it this way, we’ll give him a memorable show, and who’s going to believe him if he talks?”

“You do have a point,” Ben admitted while Gwen removed her own clothes until she was just as naked as he was. He gave his cousin an appreciative smile as he looked her over. She’d already managed to lose most of the extra weight she’d gained during her pregnancy and he could just make out a red shadow where her pussy hair had started to grow back after they’d shaved her during childbirth. The only part of her body that hadn’t returned to normal were her breasts, full of milk and several sizes larger than they were when the two of them first started fucking almost a year earlier.

“Are you sure you want to fuck here and now?” Ben asked as Gwen finished removing the last of her clothes. “I thought you were still sore from giving birth, and are you sure you’re safe because I don’t have any protection on me.”

“Ben,” Gwen said in exasperation, “I’m sure everything is fine. I’m not sore anymore and my period just ended two days ago so I’m sure I’m in a safe period right now.”

“Are you sure?” Ben asked nervously, “because if I didn’t know better I’d swear that my senses are telling me that you’re in the middle of your fertile cycle right now.”

“It must be your imagination Ben,” Gwen said as she grabbed her cousin by the arm and dragged him toward Doctor Animo, “trust me, I’m safe. But even if I wasn’t I’m too horny to worry about anything as trivial as getting knocked up with another baby. Now come on, I have an idea how we can make sure Doctor Animo never talks about this.”

“What’s your idea this time?” Ben asked.

“We’re going to include Doctor Animo,” Gwen said with a grin, “that way if he does say anything he’ll have to admit that he had sex with a minor and that will add several years to his sentence.”

“Haven’t the two of you embarrassed me enough already?” Doctor Animo asked as the two cousins came up to where he was trapped in Stinkfly’s hardened slime. “What do you have in mind for me now?”

“Something I think you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life,” Gwen said as she got down on her hands and knees in front of the doctor. “Ben, you fuck me from behind and I’ll give Doctor Animo a blow job while do me doggie style.”

“You can’t be serious,” Animo said, watching Gwen as she used her magic to clean the hardened slime from around his crotch so she could pull down his zipper and pull his semi-hard cock out of his pants.

“Oh, I’m very serious,” Gwen said, stroking Doctor Animo’s cock and opening her legs slightly so Ben could play with her wet pussy before he slid his prick into her, “so relax and enjoy the show.”

“I will,” Animo said with a soft moan of pleasure when Gwen licked the tip of his prick.

Gwen was a little surprised at the size of Doctor Animo’s cock, at just over seven inches it was the longest one she’d ever seen, but it was so skinny she thought it might be even thinner than Ben’s. When she saw the doctor close his eyes in pleasure she leaned forward and sucked his cock between her lips and down her throat.

While Gwen was satisfying Animo Ben was working on her. It was obvious to him that his cousin really was ready to fuck, her pussy was so wet that he didn’t think he’d ever seen her so wet. As soon as he was sure Gwen was ready Ben grabbed is cock and slid it along his cousin’s slit until his shaft was coated with her juices and then he aimed the blunt head for her pussy lips and shoved his hips forward in a quick thrust that buried his prick deep in Gwen’s belly.

When Ben slammed his cock into Gwen’s cunt he pushed her forward on her hands and knees, forcing Doctor Animo’s cock between her lips and down her throat. Fortunately for Gwen she’d managed to take a deep breath before swallowing Animo’s prick so she didn’t panic as the shaft slit down her throat. Thankfully the doctor’s cock was thin enough that she was able to breath around it even as the head reached further down her throat than any other cock she’d ever sucked. Gwen wasn’t sure what excited her more, the cock in her mouth or the cock in her pussy but she could feel the sexual energy flowing through her body to build up in her belly as she approached her first orgasm in weeks.

“Fuck the little slut Ben,” Doctor Animo urged in a strained voice as Gwen gave him the first blowjob of his life.

“Don’t call my cousin a slut,” Ben panted as he fucked Gwen’s tight preteen cunt from behind. “What makes you think she’s a slut anyway?”

“Well it’s obvious she’s done this before,” Animo said with a moan of pleasure as Gwen slid her throat up and down his cock while he struggled against the hardened slime to force his shaft even deeper in her throat. “I’d have to say that any girl who fucks like this must be a slut.”

“I guess you’re right,” Ben admitted. “Of course you realize that she’s my tight little slut and this is all you’ll ever get from her.”

“We’ll see about that,” Doctor Animo said. “When the world finally recognizes my intellect and makes me the ruler of the world you’ll see what your cousin does for me just before I have you killed.”

“Whatever,” Ben said, he could tell from the way Gwen’s pussy was squeezing his cock that his cousin was about to have her orgasm and from the way his balls were quivering he was sure he was going to cum right along with her.

Gwen felt Ben grab her hips and she slammed her ass back to meet Ben’s next thrust as he buried his cock deep in her and she squeezed her pussy muscles tight around her cousin’s cock to hold him deep in her belly as he shot his load with a scream of pleasure. As soon as she felt Ben’s cum in her cunt Gwen body exploded and she let Animo’s cock slip out of her mouth just as he shot his own load all over her face and red hair.

“Wonderful,” Animo groaned, his eyes rolling back in his head with pleasure.

“It sure was,” Gwen said, turning to give Ben a tongue filled kiss before she turned back to put Animo’s cock back in his pants and replace the hardened slime that she’d removed earlier.

“Remember doctor,” Gwen said when she saw Animo’s eyes focus on her, “if you say anything about this you’ll be admitting that you’re a pedophile, so I suggest you keep quiet.”

“I will,” Doctor Animo promised. “By the way Gwendolyn Tennyson, when I take my proper place as ruler of the world I’m going to give Ben the punishment he has coming, but after today I have a special reward for you. When I’m in charge I’ll make you my personal sex slave.”

“You really are a pervert,” Gwen said, giving Doctor Animo a quick kick that he probably felt through the hardened slime covering his crotch. “Come on Ben, we better get dressed and get out of here before the police show up.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“And that’s what happened after we took down Doctor Animo,” Gwen finished as she continued riding up and down Ben’s cock while he sucked her second tit dry. “So far the doctor’s kept his mouth shut about our activities, although he did manage to escape a week and a half ago.”

“But Gwen,” Ben said letting her wet tit slip out of his mouth, “I thought you said you’d just finished your period and you were safe. How did you end up getting pregnant again?”

“Well,” Gwen said with a weary smile, “what I didn’t realize was that right after you give birth your period can be erratic. Apparently you were right and I really was in my fertile period when we fucked, and you knocked me up with baby number two that day.”

“Are you sure?” Grandpa Max called from the drivers seat, “as you said, your periods are erratic right after you give birth. Sometimes it can be so erratic that you skip a month.”

“That’s what I hoped at first,” Gwen said, she could feel her belly starting to quiver with her approaching orgasm while she continued to ride Ben’s hard cock. “Especially since it’s so hard to get pregnant while you’re lactating. But I’ve been feeling sick to my stomach for a couple weeks now and when I finally told my mother about it this morning she gave me a home pregnancy test and it was positive.”

“Just in case I think we should swing around and see your Great Uncle Gary and have him run a few tests just to be sure,” Grandpa Max said. “I can set up an appointment for next week, and this time I think it would be a good idea if you joined us Ben.”

“Do I have to?” Ben whined, his breath coming in pants as his balls started to jump with his approaching orgasm. “Why do I have to see the doctor when Gwen is the one who’s pregnant?”

“True,” Grandpa Max admitted, “but as a former plumber as well as a doctor your Great Uncle Gary may have a few ideas about you and the Omnitrix to work with. So this time you’ll be going to meet the doctor with us.”

“Whatever,” Ben sighed, laying back on the padded bench and grabbed Gwen’s hips while he bounced his ass off the bench to meet every one of his cousin’s thrusts. “I’m going to cum Gwen.”

“So am I Ben,” Gwen screamed. “Fuck me, fuck your pregnant cousin like you were going to knock her up again.”

“Yes,” Ben screamed as Gwen slammed her hips down one more time and wiggled her ass around on his thighs until he couldn’t take it anymore and shot his full load into his cousin’s thirsty cunt.

“I’m cumming,” Gwen shouted, her whole body shuddering with pleasure as her cunt milked the baby juice straight from Ben’s balls.

“Thank you Ben,” Gwen sighed as she let her body collapse on top of her cousin so that her erect nipples poked him in the chest.

“No, thank you Gwen,” Ben said, giving Gwen a quick kiss. “I’m glad you decided to come with us for the summer.”

“So am I,” Gwen said, “but I think we may need a way to hide my belly before we get back home. Last summer I was already starting to show, and this summer I have a head start on last year.”

“I’m sure we’ll find a way to manage,” Ben said, giving Gwen another kiss. “Somehow we’ll manage, we always do.”

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