Ben and Gwen are both having sex even while one is playing a game and other is on the computer!

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Another sexy starlet from Ben 10 tv-show has some great rack to show us and she never refuses any fuck-ready dick ;) I had this fantasy to see the and bitches who just cannot go on unfucked above all ;) Lusty bitch from Ben 10 sex cartoon is ready for the hardest fucking task of her whole life…

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  1. shashank says:

    gwen is so sexy.

  2. maria says:

    hi guys im new here

  3. maria says:

    well i love hentai and just wanted a new hentai site…..especially ben 10….and i found this,it is awesome!
    let me tell u about myself. i am maria jones and of medium height 5’6 .i have medium size tits which stand out a lot especially my ass is the main attraction everybody loves to spank it,even my parents!as its quite big.i am an exhibitionist i.e i love showing off my body and teasing people.i dont wear any undergarments except to school(to school i only wear my underwear,no bra).i am 15yrs old and have a brother who is 13 moms name is kate and she has a body to die for(she used to do modelling before)people say im just a miniature version of dad’s name is richard.
    i lost my virginity just a few months back to a room service guy called nick.(i couldnt help it… was all my fault actually)if u wanna know how,ill tell u the story in first person in present tense

    my family and i had gone on a holiday to a beach side resort(my father new the manager well)and we had booked a deluxe suite. the next morning my parents and my bro called me out for the beach.i wanted to catch my favorite movie coming on tv so i said ill come later.they left me saying that they will be back by midday as they were also going to a massage was quite early when they left and the movie was due 1 hour later so i went to have a bath.i laid my clothes on the bed(a pair of pyjamas and a tight v cut shirt)took my towel and went to bath.
    midway through my bath.
    to be continued,,,,,,,

  4. maria says:

    srry guys…i had to go somewhere….let me continue

  5. maria says:

    ……………….midway through my bath i heard a knock on the door.i quickly put on my towel and went to answer the door,surprised that my parents had come back so my surprise i saw a man in his twenties staring at my cleavage when i opened. as a natural tease, i wanted to have some fun with him.
    “are u gonna introduce urself or stare at my chest?”i teased.the man quickly turned his gaze to my eyes,blushing.
    “yes maam,im nick and i have come for the room service”he said
    “good,well u can continue ur work while i finish my bath.”i replied
    “wait aren’t u the daughter of mr jones………ur dad is well known around these parts.i wonder where he is?”he asked
    “yes i am…..nice to meet dad has gone to the spa with my mom and my bro.they wont be back till midday”i replied.”now if u will excuse me”
    i finshed my bath and came out with my towel. “can u pass me my clothes” i asked him.
    “sure maam”he replied and then the most unexpected question came”maam there seems to be no undergarments here”
    “i…i well it must be in my wardrobe”i said regretting my words instantly.obviously it was not there.
    i pretended searching but i could see that he was beginning to doubt me.”i dont wear undergarments nick….so if u could pls gimme my clothes…….”
    “so u dont wear them huh?why did u lie to me u naughty little girl”he smiled and came forward.he threw my clothes away and started kissing me.i was shocked but he was a good kisser.i had’nt kissed anyone in weeks so i returned his kiss.after kissing fervently for a couple of minutes his hands began to grope my ass.i continued unmindful of it.i had been groped like this several times before,so it was nothing unusual.but seeing no resistance from me nick pulled off my towel,leaving my naked in front of him.
    “wow……..u look sexy!”he wolf whistled.”u have got all the curves in the right places.let me enjoy this oppurtunity”he put me on the bed and locked the front door.i was shocked but my body was not agreeing with me.eventually i listened to my body.
    he stripped off his clothes and jumped on me and started squeezing and kissing my boobs.”wow i never thought u would give way so easily….u must be enjoying it u horny little slut”after playing with my tits for a while he moved to my stomach where he did 3 rounds with his tongue.he then moved to the buisness part of my body and started licking my shaven pussy.
    “ahhhhhhhh nick noooooo,u have gone to far”i moaned.”im sorry but ur body contradicts u my lady”he said and continued.”ur soo wet down there u horny slut…… suck my dick”
    “but i have never given a blowjob before………”i had given way to my desires.
    “its okay …u can do it now turn around.on your knees NOW.”he barked.i turned around on my knees and spat on his dick.(i had seen plenty of blowjob vids before and now it was practical time)i started from the tip and slowly moved towards the base i reapeated this action several times using my tongue well.i began stroking his shaft from time to time,pleasurising him.
    “ahhhhhhhh u lick soooo welll.more more”he moaned.”u can call me maria.”i said.i was beginning to enjoy this.suddenly he grabbed my hair and started deep throating me furiously.i struggled to keep in pace with him,choking myself many a time.after a few seconds he screamed”im gonna cummmmmm……ahhhhhhh”
    he shot his load into my mouth and pulled his dick out.the remaining load was shot on my face.i swallowed all of it.
    “i can see that u like it…..tomorrow same time same place and no company with u”he spoke dressing up.”i have some surprises in store for u…….bye i got to go.”saying so he left without even waiting for my reply.
    i got up and had another bath and started looking forward for tomorrow.

    many things happend the next day(including loss of my virginity)but i will tell u that later.i gtg bye

  6. mash says:

    havin sex

  7. kaleb says:

    maria whats your number

  8. Elijah says:

    Hi Maria

  9. zain says:

    This wabsite is good i am like.

  10. ahlam says:


  11. ahlam says:


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